... as of December 15th of 2004, the apostille issued by the Coordination of Legalizations and Apostille of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Colombia will no longer be attached to its respective documents in the form of a sticker, but mechanically with a metallic staple.
As of December 15th of 2004, the apostille format will also include a space at the bottom reserved for identifying the document for which the apostille is issued and for the names and surnames of its holder.

Declaration received on 22 April 2005: of May 1st 2005, the signature which appears on the Colombian Apostille format, will no longer be written in ink, but will be scanned.

Declaration received on 12 October 2007:
As from October 8th, 2007, Colombia has introduced a new Apostille Certificate, which sample is attached hereto. Its basic characteristics are as follows:

  • The Apostille is printed in black and white, on normal paper, instead of the security paper used up to now.
  • The security features of the current Apostille Certificate have been replaced and reinforced by the use of digital certificates and encrypted signatures, following the recommendations and conclusions of the Third International Forum on Digital Evidence held in Los Angeles (May 29, 2007) at which the e-APP was discussed in detail.
  • The authenticity of Apostilles issued by the Government of Colombia may still be verified by using the e-Register, which is accessible on our web site States Parties are highly encouraged to regularly use the E-Register.
  • The presentation of the e-Register has been slightly modified: instead of the current view of a summary containing the basic data of the Apostille, users are able to view an exact color image of the Apostille that has been issued.
  • The use of a digital certificate will guarantee that the electronic version of the Apostille has not been tampered. Likewise, if the paper Apostille attached to the document somehow differs from the one displayed in the e-Register, it likely means that the paper Apostille has been altered.
  • For a transitional period of time, and until the stock of current Apostilles expires, the Government of Colombia will be issuing both models, that are equally valid and authentic.