Articles: 23,26,34,52

Articles 23, 26 and 52 of the Convention allow Contracting Parties a degree of flexibility in order to apply a simple and rapid regime for the recognition and enforcement of judgments. The Community rules provide for a system of recognition and enforcement which is at least as favourable as the rules laid down in the Convention. Accordingly, a judgment given in a Court of a Member State of the European Union, in respect of a matter relating to the Convention, shall be recognised and enforced in France by application of the relevant internal rules of Community law.

Declaration pursuant to Article 34, paragraph 2:
France declares that requests under paragraph 1 of this Article shall be communicated to its authorities only through its Central Authority.

8 July 2011
The French Republic declares, pursuant to Article 52, paragraph 1 of the Convention, that the provisions on applicable law of this Convention shall take precedence over the provisions of the Convention between the French Republic and the People's Republic of Poland on Applicable Law, Jurisdiction and the Enforcement of Judgments in the Field of Personal and Family Law, signed at Warsaw on 5 April 1967.