Articles: 2,44

"In accordance with Articles 63 and 2(3), Norway hereby declares that it will:

  • enforce maintenance decisions in favour of children beyond 21 years, however not beyond 25 years. Norway reserves the right not to stipulate maintenance for children beyond 21 years,
  • stipulate, recognize and enforce decisions regarding spousal maintenance to the same extent as decisions regarding child maintenance, applying also Chapters II and III of the Convention,
  • apply the procedure referred to in Article 24 when receiving applications under the Convention from other States, and not the procedure referred to in Article 23,
  • in accordance with Article 30(7), only recognize and enforce maintenance arrangements when the application is made through Central Authorities,
  • in accordance with Article 44(1), as a general rule accept and prefer applications in English instead of applications translated into Norwegian.

In accordance with Articles 62 and 44(3), Norway reserves the right not to receive applications in French."