Articles: 23,26,34,52,55

Declaration concerning Article 34, paragraph 2
In accordance with Article 34, paragraph 2, of the Convention, the Republic of Croatia declares that requests under Article 34, paragraph 1, of the Convention, shall be communicated to its authorities only through its Central Authority.

Declaration concerning Articles 23, 26, and 52
The Republic of Croatia declares that, at the moment when it becomes the member of European Union, it shall apply the relevant internal rules of Community law to the recognition and enforcement of a decision, in respect of the matter relating to the Convention, issued by a Court of a Member State of the European Union. 

Reservation concerning Article 60 in connection with Article 55
In accordance with Article 60 of the Convention, the Republic of Croatia reserves the jurisdiction of its authorities to take measures for the protection of (immovable) property and related property's rights of a child, whereas such property is situated on its territory, and reserves the right not to recognise any decision on parental responsibility if it is incompatible with the measure of its authority in charge in relation to the property of a child.