Convention of 1 June 1970 on the Recognition of Divorces and Legal Separations

Accession accepted by / Entry into force between Australia and Date of acceptance Entry into force
China 2-I-1987
Cyprus 26-XI-1992 25-I-1993
Czech Republic 13-II-1986 14-IV-1986
Denmark 5-II-1986 6-IV-1986
Finland 5-II-1990 6-IV-1990
Italy 25-VI-1986 24-VIII-1986
Luxembourg 27-III-1991 26-V-1991
Netherlands 19-XII-1985 17-II-1986
Norway 17-X-1986 16-XII-1986
Portugal 15-VIII-1991 14-X-1991
Slovakia 13-II-1986 14-IV-1986
Sweden 2-VII-1986 31-VIII-1986
Switzerland 12-II-1986 13-IV-1986
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 3-XI-1986 2-I-1987


In respect of the Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong only.
Australia's accession had been accepted on 3 November 1986 by the United Kingdom also in respect of Hong Kong, to which the Convention had been extended in 1977.

Czech Republic

(acceptance by the former Czechoslovakia)


(for the Kingdom in Europe)


(acceptance by the former Czechoslovakia)

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

(also in respect of Bermuda, Gibraltar, Guernsey, Hong Kong, the Isle of Man and Jersey)