Convention of 18 March 1970 on the Taking of Evidence Abroad in Civil or Commercial Matters

Accession accepted by / Entry into force between Nicaragua and Date of acceptance Entry into force
Andorra 26-XI-2019 25-I-2020
Argentina 27-XII-2019 25-II-2020
Brazil 17-IX-2020 16-XI-2020
China 20-VIII-2019 19-X-2019
Czech Republic 1-IV-2020 31-V-2020
Finland 15-IV-2019 14-VI-2019
France 17-IV-2020 16-VI-2020
Germany 14-VI-2019 13-VIII-2019
Iceland 25-XI-2021 24-I-2022
Israel 24-II-2022 25-IV-2022
Latvia 26-I-2022 27-III-2022
Netherlands 17-XII-2020 15-II-2021
Poland 11-VI-2019 10-VIII-2019
Portugal 5-IX-2019 4-XI-2019
Republic of Korea 16-II-2021 17-IV-2021
Singapore 4-VI-2021 3-VIII-2021
Slovakia 12-XII-2019 10-II-2020
Spain 1-VII-2021 30-VIII-2021
Sweden 20-X-2020 19-XII-2020
Switzerland 21-VI-2022 20-VIII-2022
Ukraine 10-IV-2020 9-VI-2020


(accepted also for the Special Administrative Regions of Hong Kong and Macao)


Netherlands (the European part and Aruba)