Bolivia (Plurinational State of)

Convention of 25 October 1980 on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction

Accession accepted by / Entry into force between Bolivia (Plurinational State of) and Date of acceptance Entry into force
Andorra 5-V-2017 1-VIII-2017
Argentina 28-VII-2017 1-X-2017
Brazil 26-X-2016 1-I-2017
Chile 22-II-2017 1-V-2017
Colombia 8-V-2020 1-VIII-2020
Denmark 16-III-2022 1-VI-2022
Greece 2-III-2022 1-VI-2022
Italy 22-II-2022 1-V-2022
Japan 10-IX-2021 1-XII-2021
Lithuania 17-III-2022 1-VI-2022
Luxembourg 6-IV-2022 1-VII-2022
Mexico 27-II-2020 1-V-2020
Monaco 25-I-2021 1-IV-2021
Netherlands 16-XII-2021 1-III-2022
New Zealand 28-IV-2017 1-VII-2017
Russian Federation 22-XII-2021 1-III-2022
Slovakia 22-XII-2021 1-III-2022
Slovenia 1-IV-2022 1-VII-2022
South Africa 25-IX-2020 1-XII-2020
Switzerland 10-VII-2018 1-X-2018
Ukraine 10-IV-2020 1-VII-2020
Uruguay 7-VIII-2019 1-XI-2019
Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of) 20-IX-2017 1-XII-2017


(the European part and the Caribbean part)