Convention of 18 March 1970 on the Taking of Evidence Abroad in Civil or Commercial Matters

Accession accepted by Date of acceptance Entry into force
United States of America 2-IV-2012 1-VI-2012
Greece 2-IV-2012 1-VI-2012
Latvia 2-IV-2012 1-VI-2012
Slovakia 4-IV-2012 3-VI-2012
Czech Republic 9-V-2012 8-VII-2012
Argentina 11-V-2012 10-VII-2012
Spain 21-III-2013 20-V-2013
Serbia 9-IV-2013 8-VI-2013
Germany 10-VI-2013 9-VIII-2013
Netherlands 16-VII-2013 14-IX-2013
Mexico 6-VIII-2013 5-X-2013
Bulgaria 26-VIII-2013 25-X-2013
Belarus 6-VI-2014 5-VIII-2014
Switzerland 20-III-2015 19-V-2015
Denmark 14-V-2016 13-VII-2016
Turkey 5-VII-2016 3-IX-2016
China, People's Republic of 16-XI-2016 15-I-2017
Korea, Republic of 6-XII-2016 4-II-2017
Estonia 11-IX-2017 10-XI-2017
Slovenia 26-X-2017 25-XII-2017
Romania 24-XI-2017 23-I-2018
Hungary 11-IV-2018 10-VI-2018
Israel 13-VII-2018 11-IX-2018
Lithuania 28-II-2019 29-IV-2019
Finland 15-IV-2019 14-VI-2019
Australia 13-XII-2019 11-II-2020
Ukraine 10-IV-2020 9-VI-2020
France 17-IV-2020 16-VI-2020
Norway 8-VI-2020 7-VIII-2020
Entry into force between Montenegro and Entry into force
United States of America 1-VI-2012
Greece 1-VI-2012
Latvia 1-VI-2012
Slovakia 3-VI-2012
Czech Republic 8-VII-2012
Argentina 10-VII-2012
Spain 20-V-2013
Serbia 8-VI-2013
Germany 9-VIII-2013
Netherlands 14-IX-2013
Mexico 5-X-2013
Bulgaria 25-X-2013
Belarus 5-VIII-2014
Switzerland 19-V-2015
Denmark 13-VII-2016
Turkey 3-IX-2016
China, People's Republic of 15-I-2017
Korea, Republic of 4-II-2017
Estonia 10-XI-2017
Slovenia 25-XII-2017
Romania 23-I-2018
Hungary 10-VI-2018
Israel 11-IX-2018
Lithuania 29-IV-2019
Finland 14-VI-2019
Australia 11-II-2020
Ukraine 9-VI-2020
France 16-VI-2020
Norway 7-VIII-2020
Brazil 12-II-2019

Netherlands - Entry into force

(for the European part and Aruba)

China, People's Republic of - Entry into force

(acceptance on behalf of the SAR of Hong Kong and Macao)

Brazil - Entry into force

(Montenegro accepted Brazil's accession on 14 December 2018)