Practical Handbook (4th ed. 2016)

The Practical Handbook offers detailed explanations on the general operation of the Service Convention as well as authoritative commentaries on the major issues raised by practice over the past fifty years.

Since the publication of the 3rd edition of this Handbook in 2006, there have been important developments in case law and State practice in relation to the Hague Service Convention. These developments are the most important basis for this updated and expanded 4th edition. In addition, it includes comprehensive research and analysis relating to the use of information technology in the operation of the Convention, an area that continues to evolve.

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Text of the Convention
Updated list of Contracting Parties
(status table)
How to read the status table

Central and other Authorities
(contact details, practical information)

Table reflecting applicability of Articles 8(2),
10(a), (b) and (c), 15(2), 16(3)

Explanatory documents

Mandatory Form (Request - Summary - Certificate)
The form is mandatory when the main channel of transmission is used (i.e., via a Central Authority) - the "Summary" part of the form is recommended when an alternative channel is used

Special Commissions
Expert meetings to review the practical operation of the Convention

Questionnaires & Responses

Seminars & Events