Third Meeting of the Experts’ Group on the Tourists and Visitors (ODR) Project

From 6 to 9 October 2020, the Experts’ Group on the Tourists and Visitors (ODR) Project met via videoconference. The meeting was attended by 35 participants, representing 16 States and 5 international organisations, as well as members of the Permanent Bureau.

This was the third meeting of the Group, and was focused on the necessity, desirability, and feasibility of a soft law instrument on matters relating to online dispute resolution (ODR). After discussions canvassing recent developments, existing ODR and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) systems, as well as consideration of soft law instruments, the Group concluded that a Guide may provide useful assistance to tourists and visitors in pursuing claims.

The future Guide would include information relating to how existing HCCH Conventions and Principles may assist in this area. It would also list and describe relevant ODR platforms, with a view to assisting tourists and visitors in their assessment of available platforms suitable to their needs.

The Conclusions & Recommendations of the Experts’ Group will be presented to the Council on General Affairs and Policy ahead of its 2021 meeting. More information on this project is available on the Tourists and Visitors (ODR) page of the HCCH website.