Artikel: 6,24,26,39,42

(1) pursuant to the provisions of Article 39, paragraph 1, the Convention shall not be applicable to the territories of the Faroe Islands and Greenland [see Declaration below];

(2) pursuant to the provisions of Article 42, paragraph 1,

a) the Kingdom of Denmark objects to the use of French in any application, communication or other document sent to its Central Authority (cf. Article 24, paragraph 2); and
b) it shall not be bound to assume any costs resulting from the participation of legal counsel or advisers or from court proceedings, except insofar as those costs may be covered by its system of legal aid and advice (cf. Article 26, paragraph 3).


The Convention should now be applied to Greenland wherefore the Kingdom of Denmark withdraws its territorial declaration with regard to Greenland in accordance with Article 42, paragraph 2.

With reference to Article 6 of the 1980 Hague Convention, the Central Authority in relation to Greenland is the Danish Central Authority under the conventions - the Ministry of Social Affairs and the Interior.