Übereinkommen vom 25. Oktober 1980 über die zivilrechtlichen Aspekte internationaler Kindesentführung

Beitritt angenommen von / Inkrafttreten zwischen Bulgarien und Annahmedatum Inkrafttreten
Albanien 2-II-2017
Andorra 1-IX-2016
Argentinien 6-II-2004 1-V-2004
Armenien 2-II-2017
Australien 28-VII-2004 1-X-2004
Bahamas 25-V-2005 1-VIII-2005
Belarus 17-II-2014 1-V-2014
Belgien 31-I-2006 1-IV-2006
Belize 30-VIII-2005 1-XI-2005
Bolivien (Plurinationaler Staat) 1-III-2023
Brasilien 4-II-2004 1-V-2004
Chile 26-II-2004 1-V-2004
China 21-VII-2005 1-X-2005
China 30-V-2005 1-VIII-2005
Dänemark 18-VIII-2010 1-XI-2010
Deutschland 15-IX-2004 1-XII-2004
Dominikanische Republik 1-XII-2005
Ecuador 1-II-2018 1-V-2018
El Salvador 29-V-2013 1-VIII-2013
Estland 15-VI-2004 1-IX-2004
Finnland 12-X-2004 1-I-2005
Frankreich 16-XII-2004 1-III-2005
Georgien 22-IX-2008 1-XII-2008
Griechenland 13-IV-2004 1-VII-2004
Guatemala 26-IX-2003 1-XII-2003
Honduras 16-XI-2006 1-II-2007
Irland 27-X-2003 1-I-2004
Island 22-I-2010 1-IV-2010
Israel 3-X-2003 1-I-2004
Italien 7-V-2004 1-VIII-2004
Jamaika 1-III-2023
Japan 24-I-2014 1-IV-2014
Kanada 6-XI-2009 1-II-2010
Kasachstan 1-II-2018
Kolumbien 2-IV-2007 1-VII-2007
Kroatien 24-XI-2004 1-II-2005
Lettland 29-XII-2004 1-III-2005
Litauen 7-VII-2004 1-X-2004
Luxemburg 20-X-2003 1-I-2004
Malta 22-X-2009 1-I-2010
Marokko 2-II-2017
Mexiko 8-II-2007 1-V-2007
Monaco 10-IV-2007 1-VII-2007
Neuseeland 11-X-2004 1-I-2005
Niederlande 13-XI-2003 1-II-2004
Nordmazedonien 29-XII-2008 1-III-2009
Norwegen 1-IV-2005 1-VII-2005
Österreich 14-VII-2005 1-X-2005
Panama 2-XI-2006 1-II-2007
Peru 29-XI-2005 1-II-2006
Polen 10-I-2007 1-IV-2007
Portugal 26-II-2015 1-V-2015
Republik Korea 1-II-2018
Republik Moldau 14-VI-2016 1-IX-2016
Rumänien 12-III-2013 1-VI-2013
Russische Föderation 1-VIII-2013
San Marino 1-VI-2007
Schweden 26-VI-2007 1-IX-2007
Schweiz 10-XII-2004 1-III-2005
Serbien 28-IV-2011 1-VII-2011
Seychellen 2-II-2017
Singapur 1-IX-2016
Slowakei 9-III-2004 1-VI-2004
Slowenien 9-VII-2009 1-X-2009
Spanien 17-I-2005 1-IV-2005
Südafrika 9-II-2016 1-V-2016
Tschechische Republik 1-VI-2004 1-IX-2004
Türkiye 26-III-2004 1-VI-2004
Ukraine 1-XII-2006
Ungarn 17-XI-2003 1-II-2004
Uruguay 12-I-2006 1-IV-2006
Venezuela (Bolivarische Republik) 16-XI-2004 1-II-2005
Vereinigtes Königreich Großbritannien und Nordirland 12-II-2009 1-V-2009
Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika 7-X-2004 1-I-2005
Zypern 6-IV-2005 1-VII-2005


(Bulgaria accepted the accession of Albania on 15 November 2016)


(Bulgaria accepted the accession of Andorra on 23 June 2016)


(Bulgaria accepted the accession of Armenia on 15 November 2016)

Bolivien (Plurinationaler Staat)

(Bulgaria accepted Bolivia's accession on 8 December 2022)


(21-VII-2005: acceptance for the Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong only)


(30-V-2005: acceptance for the Special Administrative Region of Macao only)

Dominikanische Republik

(Bulgaria accepted the Dominican Republic's accession on 5 September 2005)


(Bulgaria accepted the accession of Jamaica on 8 December 2022)


(Bulgaria accepted the accession of Kazakhstan on 6 November 2017)


(Bulgaria accepted the accession of Morocco on 15 November 2016)

Republik Korea

(Bulgaria accepted the accession of the Republic of Korea on 6 November 2017)

San Marino

(Bulgaria accepted the accession of San Marino on 1 March 2007)


(Bulgaria accepted the accession of the Seychelles on 15 November 2016)


(Bulgaria accepted the accession of Singapore on 23 June 2016)


(Bulgaria accepted the accession of Ukraine on 14 September 2006)

Vereinigtes Königreich Großbritannien und Nordirland

(acceptance also on behalf of Montserrat, the Cayman Islands, Bermuda, the Falkland Islands*, the Isle of Man and Anguilla)

* Declaration Argentina, 4 August 2009:
"...with regard to Notification No. 3/2009, March 6 2009, by which the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland accepts on behalf of the Malvinas Islands, among other territories, the accession of Bulgaria, Costa Rica and El Salvador to the said Convention.
The Argentine Republic recalls that, by Note A.E. No. 33/98, May 30 1998, it rejected the extension of the Convention to Malvinas, South Georgias and South Sandwich Islands, which was notified by the United Kingdom on March 26, 1998. In the same manner, by Note A.E. No. 47/98, July 13 1998, it disowned the appointment of the illegitimate governor as central authority in the Malvinas Islands as well as any other act derived from the illegitimate extension of the said Convention by the United Kingdom.
Taking into account this precedents, the Argentine Government also rejects the acceptance of the accession and entry into force of the said Convention with regard to Bulgaria, Costa Rica and El Salvador made by the United Kingdom on behalf of the Malvinas Islands.
The Argentine Government recalls that the Malvinas, South Georgias and South Sandwich Islands and the surrounding maritime areas are an integral part of the Argentine Republic's national territory and that, being illegitimately occupied by the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, they are subject to a sovereignty dispute between both countries, which is recognized by the United Nations and other international organizations.
In that respect, it recalls that the General Assembly of the United Nations adopted resolutions 2065 (XX), 3160 (XXVIII), 31/49, 37/9, 38/12, 39/6, 40/21, 41/40, 42/19 and 43/25, where it recognizes the existence of the sovereignty dispute to which the Question of the Malvinas Islands refers and it urges the Governments of the Argentine Republic and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland to resume negotiations in order to find a peaceful and lasting solution to the dispute as soon as possible. In turn, the UN Special Committee on Decolonization has repeatedly urged them to do the same since 1989, most recently through its resolution of 12 June 2008. Furthermore, on 3 June 2008, the General Assembly of the Organization of American States issued a similar decision on this Question. The Argentine Government reaffirms its legitimate sovereign rights over the Malvinas, South Georgias and South Sandwich Islands and the surrounding maritime areas, which are an integral part of its national territory."