Estónia - Autoridades competentes (Art. 6)

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Designated Competent Authorities (as per 1 January 2010):

"Since 1st of January 2010 Notaries, under the supervision of Ministry of Justice will be the designated competent authority described in the Article 6 of the Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalisation for Foreign Public Documents. Contact details of all 100 Notaries will be forwarded by the Ministry of Justice. Although the Ministry of Justice shall exercise supervision over the Notaries, the Ministry itself nor any other Ministry shall no longer issue apostilles. The register described in the Article 7 of the Convention shall be kept by the Chamber of Notaries in accordance with the decree provided by the Minister of Justice."

Contact details:

Address: Chamber of Notaries
Tatari 25
10116 Tallinn
Telephone: +372 617 7900
Fax: +372 617 7901
General website (see also "Practical Information"):
Contact persons: Kaitti Persidski
Language(s) of communication: English, Estonian

Practical Information:

Price: 26,82 EUR (as per 1 January 2011)
Useful Links:

Chamber of Notaries: 


(Applicants can also apply for both paper Apostilles and e-Apostilles for their documents at the above link)
Information on substitute notaries: "If a notary cannot perform his or her professional duties (e.g. because of being on vacation or ill) a substitute for a notary shall be appointed. While substituting for a notary, a substitute notary performs the duties of a notary and has the same rights and obligations as a notary.

In the substitution for a notary who is holding office, a substitute notary performs notarial acts in the name of the notary he or she substitutes for. In such cases the wording of certification notations includes: the name of the notary; the name of the substitute; a notation that the certifier is a substitute notary; signature of the substitute; the seal of the notary who is holding the office."


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