Artículos: 23

The Government of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka (...) designates in terms of Article 23 thereof the Commissioner of Probation and Child Care Services of the Department of Probation and Child Care Services as the competent authority of Sri Lanka to make the certification required in terms of the aforesaid Article.

The functions of the aforesaid authority are as follows:

(i) to provide care and protection, ensuring development to the children who are orphaned, abandoned, destitute and abused through State children's homes and registered voluntary homes;
(ii) to provide Detention Homes and Day Care for street children;
(iii) to create public awareness programmes to prevent and reduce child abuse and delinquency;
(iv) to provide Day Care Centres for children of working mothers;
(v) to regulate the adoption of children;
(vi) rehabilitation of adult offenders, young offenders and juvenile delinquents through probation;
(vii) rehabilitation of juvenile delinquents through Certified Schools and preliminary rehabilitation through Remand Homes;
(viii) sponsorship programmes for children; and
(ix) training and research.