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2. The Central Authority’s powers volume alongside with those that are stipulated by the Convention, are also defined by the legally-juridical Acts of Belarus regulating the relations in the field of the international adoption:

- The Code of Belarus on Marriage and Family (Chapter 13 and Article 233);
- The Provision on the Order of Adoption Children and Establishment of Trusteeship, Guardianship Over Them by Foreign Citizens, Persons Without Citizenship and Citizens of Belarus, Permanently Residing in Territory of Foreign State (adopted by the Decision of the Government of Belarus No 1679 of October 28, 1999) and
- The Charter of the National Center of Adoption at the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus.

According to the specified Provision with a view to protect the rights and freedoms of adopted children the Central Authority receives in established order the consent of the Ministry of Education of Belarus for an adoption of children by candidates to the adoptive parents, living on the territory of those foreign states only, competent bodies of which:

a) Have agreed with Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus the procedure for international adoption in accordance with the specified Provision;
b) Have presented a warranty-letter on obligatory informing the National Center of adoption about conditions of life and education in the family of adoptive parents of each adopted child. The given information should be presented two times per year during three years period since the time of adoption. The specified warranty-letter should be testified by the competent bodies of relevant foreign state not less than once time per year.

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The Republic of Belarus declares, that adoption of children permanently residing on its territory, can occur only in that case when functions of the Central Authority are carried out according to point 1 of Article 22 of the Convention.