Artículos: 4, 5


The Philippines’ accession to the Apostille Convention will not apply to Contracting Parties which it does not recognize as States.

The Government of the Republic of the Philippines wishes to draw the attention of State Parties to the Apostille Convention to Sections 4 and 5 of the Philippine Extradition Law (Presidential Decree No. 1069 [s.1977]) which pertains to documents submitted to the Government of the Philippines in support of extradition requests, and wish to convey that the Apostille Convention does not supersede or override the provisions of the Philippine Extradition Law.

The Certification by apostille under the Apostille Convention does not satisfy the requirements under the Philippine Extradition Law. Extradition requests directed to the Republic of the Philippines should be conveyed in the manner provided for by the Philippine Extradition Law.