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Central Authority:

Office of the Attorney General

Contact details:

Address: Office of the Attorney General
Paul L. Adderley Building
18 John F. Kennedy Drive
Nassau, N.P.
Telephone: +1 (242) 502 0400
Fax: +1 (242) 322 2255
General website:
Contact person: Mrs Denise Saunders
Languages spoken by staff: English


Practical Information:

Forwarding authorities
(Art. 3(1)):
Methods of service
(Art. 5(1)(2)):

Personal service is the normal method unless another form is specified by the Requesting State.

The Office of the Attorney General, Central Authority invokes the assistance of a peace officer to have documents served under the Service Convention for which a fee of eighty dollars (US$80.00) is levied.

The following methods are also prescribed under Bahamian legislation:

Translation requirements
(Art. 5(3)):
Costs relating to execution of the request for service
(Art. 12):

For each attempt made by the peace officer to have the document successfully served on the individual / company the fee of eighty dollars (US$80) is charged.

If the address provided by the requesting State is incorrect and the peace officer has to verify the same by searching the Registrar General’s Companies Department to ascertain the correct address of the company, the sum of one hundred and sixty dollars (US$160) would be charged. This figure is based on the fact that he would have made an attempt to serve the documents with the address originally provided, and then on the second occasion when the correct address has been established, the documents would then be served on the company.

Time for execution of request:

Between 4 to 8 weeks. 

This time frame is dependent upon the following factors: 

1. Whether or not the correct address for service was provided; and 

2. If the individual/company resides on an island other than New Providence.

Judicial officers, officials or other competent persons
(Art. 10(b))
Oppositions and declarations
(Art. 21(2)):
Art. 8(2): No opposition
Art. 10(a): No opposition
Art. 10(b): No opposition
Art. 10(c): No opposition
Art. 15(2): No declaration of applicability
Art. 16(3): No declaration of applicability
Derogatory channels (bilateral or multilateral agreements or internal law permitting other transmission channels)
(Arts. 11, 19, 24 and 25)
Information may not be complete or fully updated – please contact the relevant authorities to verify this information.
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