Costa Rica - Central Authority (Art. 2) and practical information

Central Authority(ies):

the Legal Directorate
at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship of the Republic of Costa Rica


Contact details:

Address: Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship
Legal Directorate
Telephone: -
Fax: -
E-mail: -
General website: -
Contact person: Natalia Córdoba Ulate
Directora, Dirección Jurídica
Teléfono: (506) 2539-5527

Lourdes Isabel Bravo Bolivar
Encargada, Cooperación Jurídica, Dirección Jurídica
Teléfono: (506) 2539-5335

Katherine Contreras
Secretaria, Dirección Jurídica
Teléfono: (506) 2539-5447
Languages spoken by staff: Spanish

Conventions (incl. Protocols and Principles)