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Table of Contents

Special Focus

The Child's Voice – 15 Years Later

  • Outcomes for Objecting Children under the 1980 Convention, Associate Professor Nicola Taylor & Professor Marilyn Freeman
  • A statistical analysis of the child objections exception, Nigel Lowe QC (Hon) & Victoria Stephens

Auckland Workshop (8-9 February 2018)

  • The voice of the child in international child abduction cases - Do judges have a hearing problem? Professor Mark Henaghan
  • What happens to children in high conflict parenting disputes. How should we think of their "voice"? Dr Sarah Calvert, PhD.
  • A better place for the child in return proceedings under the 1980 Convention - A perspective from Australia, the Honourable Justice Bennett AO
  • Child's view in return proceedings - Practice of Japanese courts, Judge Tomoko Sawamura
  • Role of Children in 1980 Hague Proceedings. The Singapore Experience, Judge Wong Sheng Kwai

Genoa Workshop (8-9 March 2018)

  • Hearing abducted children in Court - A comparative point of view from three countries (Belgium, France & the Netherlands), Sara Lembrechts
  • The hearing of the child in civil proceedings in Italy - Rules and practice, Marzia Ghigliazza & Sara Luzzati
  • The Voice of the Child in Hague Convention Proceedings in Greece, Karolina Zoi Andriakopoulou & Maria Louiza Andriakopoulou
  • Listening to the Child's Voice in Spain, Christopher Lee 

London Workshop (22-23 March 2018)

  • Child Abduction from the Child's Point of View, Baroness Hale of Richmond
  • Hearing the Children's Objections - Some perspectives from a judge hearing cases in England and Wales, the Honourable Mr Justice MacDonald
  • Towards a Children's Rights-Based Approach to Judging Child's Objections Cases, Helen Stalford & Kathryn Hollingsworth
  • The voice of the child in 1980 Hague return procedures in the Netherlands, Judge Annette Olland
  • The Role of Children in 1980 Hague Child Abduction Convention Proceedings - A perspective from Scotland and the USA, Stephen J. Cullen & Kelly A. Powers
  • Child Exceptions / Representation of the Child in South Africa, Zenobia Du Toit
  • Hearing the Children's Objections - Some perspectives from a French lawyer, Véronique Chauveau
  • Wrap-up speech by the Rt. Hon. Sir Matthew Thorpe at the London Workshop on 23 March 2018

International Child Protection Conference

  • HCCH-UNICEF Workshop on the "Role of the Hague Conventions in Cross-Border Child Protection in South Asia", Katmandu (Nepal) (23-31 May 2018)
  • Expatriate Law International Family Law Conference (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)


  • Third meeting of the Experts' Group on the Parentage / Surrogacy Project
  • New Brochure - 25 Years of Protecting Children in Intercountry Adoption

News from the International Hague Network of Judges

  • A tribute to the Honourable Madam Justice Robyn M. Diamond (1952-2018)
  • Members of the IHNJ

Conventions (incl. Protocols and Principles)