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Table of Contents

I - Special Focus The Hague Convention  of  25 October 1980 on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction - 25  years on!

General Overview

  • The Hon. Mrs. Justice Catherine McGuinness - A View from the Chair
  • The Rt Hon. Lord Justice Mathew Thorpe - The Convention 25 years on
  • The Hon. Justice Jacques Chamberland - A Civil Law Perspective
  • The Hon. Judge Elisa Perez Vera - The 25th Anniversary of the Convention

Judicial Networks

  • The Hon. Judge Peter Boshier - Direct Judicial Communication
  • The Hon. Judge, Dr Ricardo C. Perez Manrique - Judicial Training
  • The Hon. Judge Robine de Lange-Tegelaar - The Dutch Liaison Judge's Office

The Safety of the Child on Return

  • The Hon. Mr Justice John Gillen - Article 13(1) b) and Domestic Violence
  • Dr. Rainer HuBtege - Article 13(1) b) and Judicial Practice
  • Professor Andreas Bucher - Swiss Developments and Article 13(1) b)
  • Ms Kathleen Ruckman - Undertakings: The US Perspective

Administrative Networks

  • Ms France Remillard - An Efficient Central Authority
  • Ms Gabrielle Vonfelt - International Mediation
  • Ms Sandra De Silva - The IPCA Service of ISS Australia

Information Technology Supporting the Convention

  • The Permanent Bureau - INCADAT
  • The Permanent Bureau - INCASTAT and iChild

The Guide to Good Practice

  • Ms Sarah Armstrong - Preventive Measures

Preparations for the Special Commission

  • Professor Nigel Lowe - The 2003 Statistical Analysis
  • The Permanent Bureau - Preparations for the Special Commission

II - Some  Perspectives  from  Non-Contracting States

  • Judges Kiyoshi Hosokawa & Osamu Imai - A View from Japan
  • Professor Qisheng He - A Chinese Perspective
  • The Honourable Judge Adel Omar Sherif - Egypt and the 1980 Hague Convention

III - International Child Protection Conferences and Seminars

  • Reports on recent judicial conferences and seminars
  • Forthcoming events

IV - Hague Conference Update

V - Bibliography

Conventions (incl. Protocols and Principles)