25th anniversary of the HCCH website

Today, we joyfully celebrate 25 years of the HCCH’s online presence! 

On Thursday, 8 October 1998, the Secretary General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, Mr D.J. van den Berg, officiated the launch of the new website of the HCCH, developed  through a generous voluntary contributions from the Government of the Netherlands. 

For twenty-five years, our website has functioned as a central knowledge hub, enabling the seamless exchange of information and delivering in-depth specifics alongside general insights about our work and instruments. This encompasses comprehensive lists of Contracting Parties and their associated instruments, declarations, and appointed authorities. Furthermore, the website offers a wealth of information, including specialised sections and publications crafted to assist in the precise and effective implementation and operation of the HCCH conventions. 

As we mark this remarkable milestone, we express our heartfelt gratitude to our online community. Thank you for 25 years of support, connection, and shared purpose. Here's to the next chapter of our digital journey – let's persist in our joint efforts to connect, protect, and cooperate!