Articles: 6,8,9,10,15,16,18

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Text of the declarations:

4. The opposition to methods of service of judicial documents mentioned in Article 8 and 10 of the Convention.
5. The reservation against Paragraph 2 of Article 15.
6. The understanding of Paragraph 3 of Article 16 of the Convention, as for the time limit, mentioned in this paragraph, is the time fixed by the law of the trial judge or one year following the date of judgment which ever is longer."

Additional information received 29-VI-2005:

"1. The Central Authority, which shall receive requests for service of documents, sent by the other contracting state, pursuant to Article 2 of the Convention, is the Ministry of Justice (International Relations Department). The State has the right to designate many central authorities, pursuant to Article 18 of the Convention.
2. The Ministry of Justice is the competent authority to complete a certificate, mentioned in Article 6 of the Convention.
3. The competent authority to receive documents mentioned in Article 9 of the Convention is the Ministry of Justice (International Relations Department)."