Articles: 2,9,10

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Text of the declarations:

"1. The Ministry of Justice has been designated Central Authority, pursuant to the first paragraph of Article 2 of the Convention.
2. The Central Authority (the Ministry of Justice) is acting as the authority presupposed in Art. 9 of the Convention.
3. Finnish authorities are not obliged to assist in serving documents transmitted by using any of the methods referred to in sub-paragraphs (b) and (c) of Art. 10 of the Convention."

Additional information re translation requirements (Article 5)
A translation is not required; however, if the addressee does not accept a document made out in a foreign language, service can only be effected if the document is translated into one of the official languages of Finland, i.e. Finnish or Swedish, or if the addressee must be deemed to understand the foreign language. Accordingly, f.ex. companies with international business relations must be deemed to understand English, German or French.