09: Convention of 15 April 1958 concerning the recognition and enforcement of decisions relating to maintenance obligations towards children

Entry into force: 1-I-1962

N.B. In case a particular territorial unit is not mentioned in this table of extensions, it means that the application of the Convention has not (yet) been extended to that territorial unit.

Territorial units Extension EIF "Acceptances Auth Res/D/N
Comore Islands (FR) 26-V-1966 4 N
French Polynesia (FR) 26-V-1966 4
French territory of the Affars and the Issas (FR) 26-V-1966 4 N
Guadeloupe (FR) 26-V-1966 4
Guyana (FR) 26-V-1966 4
Martinique (FR) 26-V-1966 4
New Caledonia and Dependencies (FR) 26-V-1966 4
Réunion (FR) 26-V-1966 4
Saint Pierre and Miquelon, Islands of (FR) 26-V-1966 4
Southern and Antarctic Territories (FR) 26-V-1966 4
Wallis and Futuna (FR) 26-V-1966 4