St. Kitts und Nevis - Zentrale Behörde

Ministry of the Attorney General, Justice and Legal Affairs
c/o Hon. Patrice D. Nisbett, Attorney General
Government Headquarters
PO Box 164
Saint Kitts, West Indies
numéro de téléphone/telephone number: +1 (869) 465 2521 ext. 1013
numéro de télécopie/telefax number: +1 (869) 465 5040
adresse e-mail/e-mail address:

N.B. Saint Kitts and Nevis having acceded to the Convention in accordance with Article 38, the accession has effect only as regards the relations between Saint Kitts and Nevis and such Contracting States as have declared this acceptance of the accession. "Such a declaration will also have to be made by any Member State ratifying, accepting or approving the Convention after an accession."

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