Artikel: 4,8,15,23

In accordance with Article 33, paragraph 1, of the Convention, Iceland excludes the application of paragraph 2 of Article 4 of the Convention to the effect that Letters of Request in the French language or translations into that language will not be accepted.
Iceland declares, in accordance with Article 8 of the Convention, that members of the judicial personnel of the requesting authority of another Contracting State may be present at the execution of a Letter of Request if prior permission has been granted by the Ministry of Justice and Ecclesiastical Affairs.
In accordance with Article 15, paragraph 2, of the Convention, Iceland declares that evidence may be taken by a diplomatic officer or consular agent only if permission to that effect has been given by the Ministry of Justice and Ecclesiastical Affairs upon application made by him or on his behalf.
In accordance with Article 23, Iceland declares that it will not execute Letters of Request issued for the purpose of obtaining pre-trial discovery of documents as known in Common Law countries.