Estado u ORIE National flag Panamá
Miembro desde 29-V-2002
Órgano nacional

Directorate General of Legal Affairs and Treaties
Ministry of Foreign Relations
San Felipe, 3rd Street, Palacio Bolivar, Panama City.
P.O. Box: Zona Postal San Felipe, Calle 3, Palacio Bolívar, Edificio 26, Panamá 4, Panamá.
Telephone number: + 507 511 4228
Fax number: + 507 511 4008

Personnes à contacter / Contact persons:

  • Farah Diva Urrutia M.
    General Director
    Languages of communication: Spanish, English
    Telephone number: + 507 511 4230

  • Nadia Montenegro de Detresno
    Subdirectora General / Deputy General Director
    Language of communication: Spanish and English
    Telephone number: + 507 511 4225

  • Francisco Olivardía
    Second Secretary from Diplomatic Career / Lawyer
    Languages of communication: Spanish, English and French.
    Telephone number: + 507 511 4296 or +507 511 4100 ext. 4296

N.B. The above-mentioned National Organ has been designated in accordance with Article 7 of the Statute, "with a view to facilitating communication between the Members of the Conference and the Permanent Bureau".
Please use the links below for information on the authorities designated by this State in accordance with the Convention(s) by which it is bound: 

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