United States of America - Central Authority

U.S. Department of State - Office of Children's Issues

The Office of Children's Issues is the Central Authority and is the primary contact for cases of children abducted both to and from the United States. Additionally, this office has overall policy co-ordination responsibility for implementation of the Abduction Convention in the United States.

Office of Children's Issues (CA/OCS/CI) 
U.S. Department of State
SA-17, 9th Floor
WASHINGTON, DC 20522 - 1709
United States of America
numéro de téléphone/telephone number: +1 (888) 407 4747 or +1 (202) 501 4444
numéro de télécopie/telefax number: +1 (202) 485 6221
courriel/e-mail: AbductionQuestions@State.gov
website: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/International-Parental-Child-Abduction.html

Personnes à contacter / Contact persons:

* Note: Security-related mail processing requirements continue to cause significant delays in the delivery of mail to U.S. Government facilities. It is recommended that time-sensitive correspondence be sent to the Office of Children's Issues by email, fax or courier service.

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