Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Civil Protection Orders


Current mandate

The Permanent Bureau is currently tasked, in accordance with the mandate of the 2017 meeting of the Council on General Affairs and Policy (Conclusion and Recommendation No 15), to continue exploratory work in this topic:

"The Council welcomed the oral update provided by the Permanent Bureau and noted that the topic will be discussed during the upcoming Special Commission on the 1980 Child Abduction and 1996 Child Protection Conventions. The Council directed a short note to allow for a discussion of the future of this work item at its 2018 meeting."

Consultation of Members by 30 September 2014

June 2014 Circular to National and Contact Organs

The Draft Coutry Profile is available to download here for Members to complete with information on their national law and procedures. Members are also invited to submit comments on the Draft Country Profile itself.

Members which have previously submitted a response to the Questionnaire on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Civil Protection Orders (Prel. Doc. No 4 A of November 2012) are invited to use the information collected for that Questionnaire to assist in the completion of the Draft Country Profile, which builds upon the information previously collected.

Individual Member responses to the Draft Country Profile

Consultation of NGOs by 30 September 2014

  • Questionnaire of June 2014 for non-governmental organisations and other experts

12-13 February 2014 Experts' Group Meeting

Key documents