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About the Judgments Project
The "Judgments Project" refers to the work undertaken by the Hague Conference since 1992 on two key aspects of private international law in cross-border litigation in civil and commercial matters: the international jurisdiction of courts and the recognition and enforcement of their judgments abroad.
Initially, the Judgments Project focussed on developing a broad convention, which was subsequently scaled down to focus on international cases involving choice of court agreements. This led to the conclusion of the Hague Convention of 30 June 2005 on Choice of Court Agreements ("Choice of Court Convention"). For more information on the Choice of Court Convention, see the specialised "Choice of Court Section".

Overview of the Judgments Project 

In 2011, the Council on General Affairs and Policy agreed that an Experts' Group should be established to assess the possible merits of resuming the Judgments Project.
In 2012, the Council agreed that work on the Judgments Project should proceed. The Council established a Working Group to prepare proposals on the recognition and enforcement of judgments, including jurisdictional filters, and requested the Experts' Group to further study and discuss the desirability and feasibility of making provisions in relation to jurisdiction.
In 2013, the Council took note of the useful progress made thus far and the fact that members of the Groups are continuing to consult on next steps for the Project.
In 2014, the Council noted the significant progress made by the Working Group during its February 2014 meeting and invited the Group to continue its work as set out in its meeting Report (two more forthcoming meetings), with a view to reporting back to the Council in 2015.

 Chronology of the Judgments Project (including relevant documentation)
Recent developments (2010 onwards)
Focus on international litigation involving choice of court agreements (2002-2003)
Response to the preliminary draft convention (2000-2001)
Preparation of a preliminary draft convention (1997-1999)
Preliminary work (1992-1996)
The originating proposal (1992)

News & events
HCCH Asia Pacific Week, Hong Kong (6-11 October 2014)
Conference "Cross-Border Recognition and Enforcement of Judgments", St Petersburg, Russian Federation (17 June 2014)
Conference, “International Litigation in the Asia Pacific Region”, Wuhan, People’s Republic of China (23-24 September 2013)
“5th  Conference of the Journal of Private International Law”, Madrid, Spain (12-13 September 2013)
The Dutch-Russian Seminar on Legal Co-operation "Better Justice, Better Business", The Hague, Netherlands (6 March 2013)
International Conference "Fostering Co-operation through Hague Conventions", Tbilisi, Georgia (26-28 February 2013)

A bibliography relating to the Judgments Project is available here.