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TitlePractical Handbook on the Operation of the Hague Service Convention
Year of publication2006
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This fully revised and expanded edition of the Practical Handbook, which was prepared by Christophe Bernasconi (First Secretary) and Laurence Thébault (Consultant), comes with a fully searchable e-book in PDF format.

Summary (click here to consult the complete table of contents):

Table of contents
Explanatory charts
General comments and practical operation of the Convention
I - Purpose and scope of the Convention
II - Channels of transmission provided for under the Convention
III - Protection of the defendants (Arts. 15 and 16)
IV - Regional instruments
Index of the cited case law
Index by subject

The Practical Handbook is available in the following languages:
  • English
    ISBN 2-89127-751-1
    € 75.00
  • French (hard copy is out of stock / only PDF version available € 75.00)
    ISBN 2-89127-752-X
    € 75.00
  • Spanish
    ISBN 978-99967-657-0-4
    € 75.00
  • Chinese (Traditional)
    ISBN 978-99937-673-2-9
    € 75.00
  • Chinese (simplified)
    ISBN 978-99937-673-3-6
    € 75.00
  • Portuguese
    ISBN 978-99937-673-4-3
    € 75.00
  • Russian (only for delivery outside the Russian Federation and countries of the former Soviet Union)
    ISBN 978-2-89127-795-2
    € 75.00

A copy of these versions may be ordered directly from the Permanent Bureau by using the order form.

A separate version of the Practical Handbook in Russian, without electronic book (PDF), is available for delivery within the Russian Federation or country of the former Soviet Union (ISBN 5-466-00240-2). This publication may be ordered at